Daily life biotech application development


Consumers increasingly cares about the effectiveness of the ingredients in beauty and personal care products. At the same time, they are growing more environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Therefore, the personal care industry urgently needs more efficient, greener, and safer solutions. Chemical synthesis has been the primary production method for most of the personal care product ingredients.

With Bota Bio's technology platform and manufacturing capability, Yucca Elements (Bota Bio's wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in beauty and personal care ingredients) is replacing high-energy-consuming petroleum-based processes with clean biomanufacturing methods, which aligns with the sustainability trend.


Bio-manufactured recombinant proteins are catching consumers' attention due to their hypoallergenic and high performance. However, technical challenges like low product yields, high production costs, and difficulties of functional overexpression have prevented recombinant protein products from becoming the primary functional ingredient in beauty and personal care products.


Bota Bio quickly identified the target recombinant human protein products with the Shot Gun prediction and screening platform, expressed the target products utilizing self-developed chassis strains, and developed the fermentation and purification process. This supports Yucca's rapid launch of various bio-based protein products.

Results and impact

Yucca Elements introduced Prorylia™ FN as the first recombinant human fibronectin product on the market. It soothes sensitive skin and reinforces the skin's protective barrier. Due to its novel concept, high purity, high performance and safety, it will quickly dominate the market.