The power of evolution accumulates in nature.

Biological science has transitioned from qualitative to quantitative as the enabling technology is being improved. In the foreseeable future, we will be able to predict and program biology. Bota Bio has evolved into a full-chain biotechnology company over the past 3 years, having infrastructure, pilot plant and industrial production.

Join us if you want to create sustainable products and solutions. We will work together, continue to evolve, turn curiosity into reality, and embrace a bright future.

—— Bota Bio CEO, Dr. Cheryl Cui

Core RD Team
Women in tech

Finding high-contribution employees, regardless of gender, race, or age, is the driving force behind company performance.

BD Director
10 years in biotech companies

Yuko Amizaki

We encourage more women to exert their own light and heat in the fields of science, technology, and market applications, and create a more relaxed, friendly, and positive atmosphere for the next generation.

Director of Personal Care
Ph.D., Kobe University
SIBS, SIBs, Associate Professor

Qimiao Shao

Young Employees

We have witnessed the rapid development of the company together, and we hope that Bota Bio will get better in the process of continuous evolution.

Yaokai Fu

Assistant Software Engineer

I believe that we will see Bota Bio turns countless imaginations into reality in the near future.

Jiajia Li

Senior Research Associate

Joining Bota Bio is probably the luckiest thing I've ever encountered in 2022. Let's move forward together and grow with resilience.

Xinbin Fu

Head of Business Development

Be yourself and create endless possibilities.

Kaiqi Li

Assistant Researcher

Benefits and Opportunity
  • Competitive salary, bonus and project award
  • Customized personal career developtment plan
  • Social insurance and reserved funds according to national standards
  • Comfortable, relaxing and friendly working environment
  • Comprehensive employee onboarding and training
  • A variety of employee clubs and team activities