Non-model industrial strain engineering


With the annual health spending steadily rising, there’s a growing demand for functional nutraceutical and nutrition products.

Bota Bio addresses this demand by offering consumers a wider selection of high-quality, health-conscious products within the same price range. This is achieved through cost advantages gained by reducing raw materials and energy resource consumption via strains and process optimization.


Over the past two decades, the production capacity of the target product remained stagnant due to strain modification challenges. The slow growth, the complexity of genetic modification, and unidentified bottlenecks in the metabolic pathway posed significant obstacles for strain improvement.


We developed a high throughput genetic modification method tailored for this industrial strain, established an efficient screening platform for semi-rational and random mutagenesis, and thoroughly assessed strain performance using a high-precision parallel fermentation system. By optimizing the fermentation process, we achieved remarkable performance reproducibility, exceeding 80%.

Results and impact

The modified strain, combined with optimized fermentation process, significantly increased the strain’s fermentation performance; Under the same facilities, this led to increased annual production, reduced production costs, and substantial growth in net profit.