Industrial production transforms technology in the lab to products in our daily life.

Pilot platform

Bota Bio pilot platform features a fermentation capacity of 2×1,000L + 4×500L and six independent automated production lines. This setup combined with modular downstream purification units support scaling up multiple products simultaneously. The data will provide cost models for industrial production.


Flexible adjustment of parameters and automated collection of process data
Testing industrial-grade feedstock and downstream purification equipment
Small-batch products for regulatory approval
High-value products (kg scale).


Industrial production

Bota Bio's manufacturing site, located in the national green bio-manufacturing park, spans 130,000 m2. It meets industrial production needs of a variety of products, offering solutions for food, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, etc.

Low price of raw materials and energy
Experienced teams for production, sales, and supply chain.
Well-established quality management system meeting GRAS requirements.
Commitment to sustainable development of industrial biotechnology from environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspectives.