Bota Bio LEAP R&D center was inaugurated in Hangzhou, CN

Bota Bio恩和生物启用LEAP研发中心
  • The new R&D center further enhances capabilities from biological design to industrial production.
  • It accelerates the implementation of cutting-edge biotechnology from the lab to the manufacturing.
  • It empowers the transformation of beauty and personal care ingredients from ideas to products.
  • It provides more sustainable industrial solutions for daily life.

On August 8, 2023, Bota Bio celebrated the Opening Ceremony at the LEAP (Laboratory for Engineering Automation and Process Development) R&D center located in Qiantang Medical Port Town, Hangzhou. Government leaders, investors, and industry experts were invited to witness this significant milestone.

The construction of LEAP commanded exceeding 100 million RMB, covering an expansive floor area of 5,300 square meters. LEAP will further accelerate the validation of scientists’ ideas, covering the full cycle from biological design to scale-up to daily life. LEAP's pilot plant has two 1,000L and four 500L automated pilot lines. Equipped with a modular downstream purification unit, the processes of scale-up from the laboratory for different types of products can be accelerated, providing a reliable cost model for establishing industrial production lines.

In the opening ceremony, Bota Bio unveiled its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yucca Elements, and showcased its first biobased personal care ingredient product - Prorylia™ FN . This innovative product effectively soothes sensitive skin and reinforces the skin's protective barrier. With the support of Bota Bio's technology platform and industrial production capacity, Yucca Elements swiftly brings its products to market. It replaces the energy-intensive and environmentally harmful petroleum-based process with a green and clean biological manufacturing method. It provides efficient, eco-friendly, and safe solutions for the beauty and personal care industry.

Besides its application in the beauty and personal care industry, Bota Bio also shared cases and ideas about applying biomanufacturing in sustainable daily life during the event. Meanwhile, the company also elaborated on its philosophy of creating value. Cheryl Cui, co-founder and CEO of Bota Bio, said, "With everyone's support and witness, Bota Bio will continue to deliver optimal biomanufacturing solutions and products for multiple application fields based on actual demand. I sincerely hope that Bota can expand the collaboration, deliver on nature’s possibilities, and continuously evolve. Future to be seen."

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