Bota Bio was included in C&EN's "2021 10 Start-ups to Watch”

Bota Bio恩和生物入选《C&EN》“2021年值得关注的10家初创公司榜单”
Recently, the C&EN journal published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) announced the “2021 10 Start-Ups to Watch”. Bota Bio stood out from more than 200 start-ups and was selected!

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Keywords: green manufacturing, enzyme engineering, information technology

C&EN has run an annual list of 10 start-ups in chemistry-related fields that worth watching since 2015. Typically, these selections are recommended and decided by readers and followers, while some arise from emerging projects discovered during interviews conducted by the website. Notably, many previously selected companies have gone on to receive significant attention and financing.

This year's selection focuses on the keywords of low carbon footprint, green, and sustainability, strongly advocating a discussion on how scientific and technological progress can maintain the balance of protecting the earth while developing the economy. Bota Bio is committed to designing and regulating biological systems using synthetic biology technology and producing biobased products that are greener and more efficient than traditional processes through biomanufacturing. This mirrors the core concept of the selection.

Meanwhile, Bota Bio’s R&D philosophy focuses on the final product itself. By establishing a new IT system that supports the entire development cycle, it will accelerate the commencement of downstream process development and large-scale fermentation stage, thereby shortening the gap between laboratory scale and large-scale fermentation. Bota Bio is committed to finding better biomanufacturing solutions for the sustainable future, by using synthetic biology as the underlying driving tool combined with cross-disciplinary cooperation.

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