Bota Bio was invited to WEF 2024 Summer Davos: Next Frontiers for Growth


The 15th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC), also known as the “Summer Davos”, was held in Dalian, China, from June 25 to 27, 2024. This event gathered over 1,500 global leaders from politics, business, social groups, international organizations, academia, and the media. This year’s meeting focused on innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to identify new drivers for global economic growth.

Dr. Cheryl Cui, co-founder and CEO of Bota Bio, was invited to speak at the "Letting Biotech Breathe" panel on June 26 and the "Next Steps from Chinese Innovators" panel on June 27. During these sessions, she explored current trends and future directions in technological innovations that are crucial for advancing a bio-circular economy.

In the discussions, Dr. Cui highlighted the transformative power of biotechnology across various industries, from consumer goods to environmental protection. She shared her vision of biotechnological transformation as a catalyst for innovation that will revolutionize manufacturing processes and eventually become an integral part of people’s daily lives. She stressed that leveraging talent is essential for harnessing technology to address real-world challenges. Entrepreneurs and business leaders should bring together talents with aligned visions, create an environment of mutual trust and collaboratively solve interesting and practically valuable problems.

Also, Dr. Cui shared insights on how biotechnological companies can navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscapes. She noted that Bota Bio stays abreast of emerging technological trends, striving to seamlessly integrate new technologies with the complexities of biology for innovative solutions. She believes that significant breakthroughs in biomanufacturing can be achieved through the intersection between biotechnology and information technology.

Despite the uncertainties facing the world, the vitality, foresight, and collaborative spirit among innovators are the key drivers of technological advancement and societal development. Bota Bio will continue to play a significant role in this process, contributing to sustainable development and fostering a circular economy.

About Bota

Bota Biosciences is a global industrial biotechnology company connecting biological design to scale-up manufacturing to accelerate shifts to sustainable living. Bota has built an integrative bioengineering platform, to develop and implement efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective biomanufacturing technologies. Committed to its mission, Bota established its own pilot plant and manufacturing facility, affirming its dedication to offering scalable industrial solutions and market-ready products. This infrastructure strengthens support for customers and partners across industries such as nutrition, food, personal care, and animal health. Powered by a dynamic, multidisciplinary team, Bota Bio channels biotech innovations to create a global impact. For further information, please visit

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